Density, Specific Weight and Specific Gravity Density of Seawater

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Density, Specific Weight and Specific Gravity

An introduction to density, specific gravity and specific weight – formulas with examples

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Density is defined as mass per unit volume. Mass is a property and the SI unit for density is [kg/m3].

Density can be expressed as

ρ = m / V   = 1 / ν                                   Continue reading “Density, Specific Weight and Specific Gravity Density of Seawater”

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Paper Shredding Facts History of Paper Shredding on

Shred Your Documents Easily

paper shredder invention

Who Invented The Paper Shredder, and When?

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It’s hard to believe that things haven’t always been the way they are today. That they are thus because someone made them thus. Let’s take paper shredders as an example. Every time you use one , you do so somewhat unconsciously. Have you ever wondered where this fantastic machine came from?

No doubt it feels ageless. But that’s a misleading instinct. The paper shredder is a fairly new invention. Barely a century old, in fact. Who was the man that conceived it? Our questions take us, first to ancient Egypt where the art of writing on paper was first invented. After that, we will look at the activities of two individuals during the first half of the twentieth century.

Ancient Egypt to the early twentieth century

The ancient Egyptians did not invent paper shredder. They developed a form of paper known as papyrus. No doubt, even in that era, people made mistakes when writing. I am also confident that sensitive knowledge, such as messages meant only for the pharaoh and his most trusted ministers, was also recorded in those days.

From Continue reading “Paper Shredding Facts History of Paper Shredding on”