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 As of Friday, April 2, 2004 

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The Price of Admission


Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET

April 2, 2004; Page W1

When Martin Quiñones was starting high school, he and his parents
looked at several Boston-area private schools before settling on Phillips
Academy. It was one of the most expensive schools they considered, with
annual tuition of $23,400, not including room, board and other fees. But
with Martin’s sights on getting into a top college, his family figured it
was worth it.

They’re about to find out if they were right. This weekend, the coveted
fat envelopes — and the dreaded thin ones — for Ivy-League and other top
universities are in the mail. Thousands of families across America are
anxiously waiting to learn whether their huge investments in private
education — or moves to expensive neighborhoods with good public schools
— have paid off with acceptances to elite colleges. Martin Quiñones
hopes for a nod from Harvard and other big names, and his family has made
sacrifices to pay for his high-school education, such as driving older cars
and taking fewer vacations, with that goal in mind. "If you go cheap,
you’re not going to get what you’re hoping for — an Ivy-class school,"
says Martin’s father, Ricardo Quiñones, a computer consultant in
Gloucester, Mass.

[photo of Lakeside School]
School, Seattle Percent of graduates at selected colleges: 25%
Tuition: $18,400

For families dreaming of sending their children to a prestigious
university, the stakes have never been higher. Competition has intensified
as the kids of baby boomers reach college age, and tuition at private
schools — believed by many parents to be the best insurance for college
admission — is soaring to record levels. Now, tuition of $20,000 a year is
routine, with several of the best-known private schools topping $25,000.
But do the most expensive schools really offer more bang for the buck than
cheaper competitors? And just how do these pricey schools compare with
highly successful public high schools?

Curious about the link between money and admissions success, Weekend
Journal studied this year’s freshman classes at 10 of the nation’s most
exclusive colleges — including Harvard and other Ivies, and places like
the University of Chicago and Pomona. We tracked down the alma maters of
each entering student — some 11,000 kids in all — and came up with a list
of high schools that had graduating classes of at least 50 students and
sent at least 20 of them to our chosen colleges. For each high school, we
then calculated what percentage of its graduates Continue reading “uwaterloo courses winter 2016”

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Victoria Park is Brisbane’s best public access golf course, with no memberships required to play. The course is open very day of the year (except Christmas) from dusk till dawn. While we don’t offer membership to the Continue reading “Membership Victoria Park Golf fees Victoria Park Golf Clubhouse”

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