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What are the best open source programming text editors?

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Outline the essay 1 Peer pressure a Take drugs b Skip school c Get …

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peer Pressure

As hundreds of kids enter middle and high school each year, almost every one of them is negatively influenced academically by peer pressure. Teens can feel pressured into following the crowd and becoming just like others in order to be accepted. Statistics show that many teens would rather surrender to peer pressure than looked down upon by other schoolmates. Peer pressure can come in many forms such as drinking, drugs, and stealing amongst other things, putting their health or reputation on the line. Giving in to pressure is mostly caused by lack of confidence or isolation, or simply the result of bullying or even having parents that are not strict enough. Naturally teens feel that social acceptance must have some catch to it, which causes them to engage in risky behaviors. Many often fall into the wrong crowd and change their personality just to fit in with others, while others risk themselves under the impression Continue reading “Outline the essay 1 Peer pressure a Take drugs b Skip school c Get …”