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Friday, 30 September 2011

Filtering Report Results Using the Filter Property

In this tip we are going to filter the results of a Report to display records with order amounts above a given value.  In so doing we are going to pay special attention to two Report properties: these are FILTER, and FILTER ON LOAD.
Our solution works when the user opens a Dialog Form containing a text box and command button.  The user enters an amount value in the text box, and clicks the command button.  The command button then runs a small amount of VBA code to open the report.  As the report loads, it applies a filter defined in the Report’s Filter Property to produce the desired result.
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Shotcrete Equipment

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Dry Shotcreting
Thiessen Team Predampener
Aliva® Dry Machines – New Models
Aliva® Dry Machines – Superseded Models
Dry Spray Systems

Dry Shotcreting

Aliva shotcrete pumps are considered some of the most dependant pumps in the construction and mining industries. Built to meet the rigors of the most demanding conditions, an Aliva shotcrete pump should be on the top of your list when dry shotcreting methods are preferred. Boom placers are also available. The Aliva 302 can be a standalone boom unit or integrated into a mobile piece of equipment to make your shotcreting program fully self contained.

Adding to an already capable line of dry shotcrete pumps, Thiessen Team created the Pre-dampening unit. This unit is purposely built for the underground workspace where dust in confined spaces is an issue.

Thiessen Team has you completely covered for your Aliva needs from equipment and spares – to advice and experience.

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A Journey to the West: from China to Cambridge and then Stanford …

QS World MBA Tour Premium – Tokyo August 30, 2018, Thursday

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