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classes in Jimbaran

Now in Jimbaran again, Opposite to Udayana Hospital


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sick text face Messletters • Create fancy letters and art using our text Weirdmaker

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Emoji Art

Copy & Paste Emoji Art 🎨

Emoji Art to Copy and Paste

Hello and welcome to Emoji Art! I made this site because I noticed that people are starting to make emoji pictures more often, especially on Twitter, WhatsApp and related sites. I figured that since people are making emoji drawings and sending emoji messages more often, that it would be a good idea to create a site where people could come and share their emoji creations and copy and paste emoji art to their social media posts really easily.

The emoji story starts with Unicode . In case you haven’t heard of it before, its a standards body which helps the whole computing industry decide on which letters, characters and, in general, text that should be implemented and be usable by the operators of those devices. Huge players in the computing industry like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Windows, Mozilla and Apple have used Unicodes standards to decide on the symbols that should be renderable. This is particularly so Continue reading “sick text face Messletters • Create fancy letters and art using our text Weirdmaker”