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nicovideo english guide mcmordie – english idioms – AbeBooks

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Spanish Cognates 100 common Spanish cognates: Nouns


FluentU Spanish Spanish Language and Culture Blog


Want to speak Spanish naturally?

english words used in spanish

By meredithkreisa

Double Agents: 68 Sneaky English Words Undercover as Spanish Words

Are they speaking English?

No, they couldn’t be. But that word sounded so darn familiar.

You’re speaking Spanish with native speakers , and all of sudden something odd happened. You can hardly make sense of it. But—ah, again!—there’s another  strangely familiar word that sounds distinctly un-Spanish.

You start to question yourself. Are you mishearing? Are they trying to make it easier for you to understand? Are you in some sort of alternate universe? Continue reading “Spanish Cognates 100 common Spanish cognates: Nouns”

Dhahran School Welcome to Dhahran Highschool School

Evolution of Saudi Aramco Schools

By /

If you or your children attended any of the Saudi Aramco schools operated for the children of eligible expatriates, you have experienced a constantly evolving, quality education system that strives to meet and even surpass the education system on which it is based. 

Saudi Aramco schools follow an American-style curriculum designed to develop children intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially and physically, and when compared to their state-side counterparts, Saudi Aramco educated children generally rank in the top 10 percent.

Dhahran School Dhahran Fair (November 1981)

Originally Continue reading “Dhahran School Welcome to Dhahran Highschool School”