Free School Website Templates (29) 20+ Best Education HTML Website Templates 2018

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25 Best Free Education Website Templates [HTML & WordPress]

25 Best Free Education Website Templates [HTML & WordPress]

  • Girish Karthik
  • Website Templates

Having a website helps you reach more audience and also help you have more digital contents. The advantage of digital content is that it can be easily stored and shared with any number of users. With the modern features, you can also restrict the use of materials and even track who uses those digital contents. All these features help the education institutions a lot.

Especially the course offering institutions and training institutions can make use of the modern education website template features to increase their productivity and their earnings. However, following are the best free education website template for any type of educational institutions and education service providing businesses.

HTML Free Education Website Template

HTML free education website templates help you to make simple websites easily. Some of the templates are built on the bootstrap framework; it gives you shortcode options to make customizations easy for the end users.

Following are the best free website template built on HTML5 and CSS3. Some of them are built on the bootstrap framework .


Unicat Free Template
More info / Download Demo


Ezuca Free Template More info / Download Demo


Unica Free Template

More info / Download Demo


Lingua Free Template More info / Download Demo


Eskwela Free Template

Eskwela is a fully featured premium feel free education template. This template is quite the opposite to the Aviation School website template. Eskwela is a modern looking full width design website template.

It has all the trendy elements and design layouts needed for an education website in this era. You get interactive elements like hover effects, counters, and interactive map at the contact section. This template is the best match for training institutes, course offering sites and education consultancy sites. Since as soon as the user, land on the template they first see the services offered in the header section.

It is a single page website template, people who want to tell the visitors about their services in a single page will love this template. This template practices HTML5, CSS3 and it is entirely mobile responsive.

More info / Download Demo


Education Free Template
Education is one of our leading and most sophisticated free WordPress templates for everything teaching and learning related. You can use it for schools, universities, online classes, you name it, Education is ready for any challenge. It starts with a full-screen slider, text and a call-to-action button. The handy navigation is continuously present due to its stickiness so a user can quickly jump from section to section without the need of scrolling back to the top.

Awesome hover effects, advanced courses search form and even a section for your upcoming events, you get it all with Education. Besides, the tool is also responsive and retina ready to work smoothly on all modern devices. You can even start writing a blog to keep your students updated with all the latest news and other whatnots.

More info / Download Demo


Skwela is the best free education website template for online courses of any kind. It rivals most of the premium offerings out there yet it remains completely free. You can play around with features and edit and improve Skwela per your needs quickly. Skwela has the power to promptly adapt to your needs and help you stand out on the internet.

For the best online and device performance out there, Skwela follows all the new-age web and tech trends. It is mobile-ready, compatible with all web browsers and displays your content crisp clean on all retina devices. In the bundle, Skwela also comes with login and registration forms and has a fully functional contact form. Push your classes, grab the attention of even more potential students and scale your business.

More info / Download Demo


Englight is a neat looking professional education website template. You can use this template for college, academy, university, school, kindergarten and all other education-related websites.

It is a multi-page simple looking straightforward website template. The colors and fonts used matches both the children education sites and universities. It does not have any animation effects or transitions effects.

This website template is the best match for the people who want to make a simple website or a single page site to tell about their services and the courses offered. This is also a mobile responsive website template.

More info / Download Demo


Course free template
Course is a neat looking education and online course website template with the use of bright professional colors. It is a multipage education website template with clean animations, hover effects and design layouts.

The service page of this website template is designed neatly, and the subtle hover effects easily get ones attention. This template gives you features like banner text slider, hover effects, carousel slider, gallery lightbox effect, font awesome icons and bootstrap shortcodes.

Course is built on HTML5, CSS3, JSS and Bootstrap framework. It is also a mobile responsive website template.

More info / Download Demo

Edusite (Most Popular)

Edusite is by far the most popular education website template with thousands of downloads and counting. It offers loads of premium features and is a solid alternative to all paid products. However, Edusite is and always will be completely free for private and commercial use. Edusite rocks an amazing and clean web design that fluently adapts to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The experience browsing your offerings is intact, always of the same and highest standards.

Whether it is schools and universities or your business solely relies on online teaching, Edusite is waiting to sort you out with a solid web presence. It has a contact page with integrated Google Maps, social media icons and a stunning blog included in the layout. As for the latter, you can freely use it for a separate page and start an education blog.

More info / Download Demo


Labs is a colorful, trendy free education website template. It is a pixel perfect website template which uses modern cool colors, icons and layout design. With a big space on the header section for your brand logo, this website template makes a strong impression on the visitors about your brand.

The use of trendy icons and subtle animation effects and hover effects made this website template look professional. It has all the website elements and features you need to make a modern education website.

The professional design layout and cool colors easily attract the students to your website. This website is a perfect choice for training institutes and other online course offering educational institutes.

This template is built on HTML5 and CSS3. It is mobile responsive by default so that your site can reach students on any device.

More info / Download Demo

Creative Agency

Creative Agency is the brand new website template with a fresh design and professional website template look. It is a one page website template with blog section. If you are looking for a clean website template, which can say about your educational services in a single page; Creative is the template for you.

This free education website template gives you features like big header image section, parallax scrolling, clean hover effects, neatly designed price table and simple icons. The hover effects and other animation effects on this website template are neat and also gets visitors attention easily.

This website template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. This is template is also mobile responsive, to help you display the website neatly in any devices.

More info / Download Demo

Free Education Website Template For WordPress

WordPress website templates gives you lot of additional features which you will not get in a free HTML website templates. When you opt to use (premium WordPress education website templates) you will get the option for Learning Management System also known as LMS. Online educational services and training service provider find this LMS features very useful.

It does not mean you will get the LMS features in the premium WordPress themes alone; you can also install LMS on the free education website templates via plugins. The LMS plugins are premium plugins; you can save some money on the free theme and can use the money to buy a premium plugin. Following are the best free education templates for WordPress.

Shapely (Most Popular)

Shapely is our outstanding free WordPress template which is as versatile as you wished it would be. That said, you can use Shapely for almost any type of online project including those related to education. It will beautifully display your classes online, attract new folks and share with the world why you offer the best learning programs out there.

With the phenomenal assets and characteristics, Shapely inevitably will become one of the best tools for hammering out pages. It is responsive, retina ready, comes with an amazing support and also supports WooCommerce plugin. Adjust the theme however you see best fit for your project and let it take it to the next level. The work is already done, you only need to fill it with your content and even use Shapely out of the box. Whatever feels right to you, Shapely is here to help and realize it.

More info / Download Demo

Illdy (Trending)

Illdy is another remarkable free education website template for WordPress with a one-page layout. You can have it all displayed on one page to ensure visitors to find what they want as quickly as possible. Illdy is fully responsive, customizable and instantly acclimates to your coaching project. Make changes to Illdy real-time and see live results simultaneously for the fastest theme editing ever.

Flat design, animated statistics, testimonials slider, search engine optimized and major plugins support, Illdy is loaded with awesomeness. Everyone who downloads it (for free!) also receives complete documentation and a chance to talk to our professional support team. Take things into your hands and start moving towards building a page for your top-notch education organization. Nothing is here to stop you, Illdy is ready for you to use it to its full potential for the fantastic results you aim for.

More info / Download Demo


enlighten free website template

Enlighten is one of the best premium looking free education template you can use for your WordPress website. This WordPress theme is easy to use and to customize the template. This template is clean and professional looking.

All the transition effects and animation effects are made neatly on this website template to make this website template look professional. This website template gives you features like carousel, counters, neat icon based service section, video background, hover effects, interactive carousel section, news updates and you can also integrate your Twitter account to show your latest tweets.

The unique feature on this template is the small News Update segment below the header segments. You get six types of page layout option on with this website template. Besides, there is nothing to worry about SEO and speed optimization, as well as mobile responsiveness.

More info / Download

Education Pack

education pack free website template

Education Pack is a professional free education website template. This template is the best choice for colleges, universities and other education websites. It is a multi-page WordPress website template .

With a clean white background and neat content block segments, this website template helps the visitors to know more about your education service on the home page itself.

This template has a separate segment for events. This free education template gives you features like parallax scrolling, neat hovering effects, interactive elements on each segment of the website.

This website template is SEO optimized, speed optimized, mobile responsive and is built on latest HTML5 and CSS3 base.

More info / Download

Education Hub

education hub free website template

Education hub is a perfect academy and course training education website template. The education full of content blocks, helps you to tell more about your services and courses to the visitors.

As you can see it has used most prominent education website template colors; blue and yellow, which make the website template a typical education website sample. It is a multiple web page website templates, with all the basic pages pre-designed for you.

This website template is also built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is also a mobile responsive website template, fits in all display sizes. Education hub is also perfectly optimized website template; it is speed optimized and SEO optimized.

There is also a pro version of this website template, for more advanced options and customization option upgrade to the pro version.

More info / Download

Education One

education one free website template

Education one is a vivid education website template. Like the Education Hub, this theme is also a content rich website template i.e., it gives plenty content space on this website template.

It is a feature-rich website template; this theme is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, and speed optimized. You can also use this website template as a multipurpose theme. With bright yellow and orange colors, this becomes a good choice for construction website template.

This theme also offers a pro version. When you need more advanced features and pro support from the theme authors, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

More info / Download

Education Care

education care free website template

Education care is a perfect choice for university and college education website template. It is also a premium looking best free education website template. With bright colors and bold fonts, this theme looks professional and also easy to read on any devices.

This theme provides you features like parallax effect, neat looking icons, clean content segments, testimonial section, interactive map section, mega menu and hover effects.

This theme also supports a small flash news elements that you can see in some education templates. Education care theme is SEO optimized, speed optimized and mobile responsive.

More info / Download

Education Zone

education zone free website template

Education Zone is a trendy looking modern education website template. It is a feature packed website template with all the professional features and web elements you need to create an education website.

This template gives you feature like colorful content box layout, counters, hover effects, parallax effects and neat icons for service section. It also provides LMS features in the pro version, if the free version impressed you then you can try pro version when you need.

HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework power this template. Out of the box, this template supports cross browsers, mobile responsive, and completely optimized for SEO and speed.

More info / Download

VW Education Lite

vw education free website template

VW education lite is a professional education website template. It is a lite version with restricted functionalities and customization. This website template is a perfect choice for universities, colleges, and coaching institutions.

In the free version, the only thing you can customize is the logo. Pretty much everything is locked to make you upgrade to the pro version, but there are more free plugins to help you with this.

This theme gives you features like carousels, sliders in the headers section, hover effects, counters, parallax effects, neatly designed testimonial section and shop page. Since this template includes pre-designed shop pages, you can integrate WooCommerce and sell your courses on your website.

More info / Download

Clean Education

clean education free website template

Clean Education is a conventionally designed education website template. It has all the features and pages you normally expect on an education website. With the bright white background and professional blue color, this template is a clean looking education website template.

This theme gives you features like carousel sections, hover effects and big content boxes to help you add more texts so that the visitors can understand more about your educational services.

This template is built on HTML5 and CSS3. It is also mobile responsive, SEO optimized and speed optimized. It gives you four layout options and multi-pages to help you start your education website quickly and easily.

More info / Download

Play School

play school free website template

Play school is an education website template bright in colors for children education. It is clean and professional looking with all the features and functions you need in an education website template.

The icons used and the content blocks have used bright colors since this template is developed for the children education site as their primary users. This theme gives you features like hover effects, carousels, gallery and a separate section to display about the teachers in the school.

Play school theme gives you eight-page layout styles, and it is a multi-page website template. This website template also gives you shortcodes for easy customization. Out of the box, this template is mobile responsive, RTL ready, SEO optimized and speed optimized. There is also a pro version of this website template. For more advanced features and customization option get the premium version of this theme.

More info / Download


educa free website template

Educa is a free education website template for WordPress. It is a trendy looking education website template. This theme only gives you two pre-designed pages. The template supports Google fonts, which make the text customizations easier.

This theme gives you features like parallax effects, hover effects, neat content boxes with bold texts and icons. You also get separate blog pages. Educa utilizes HTML, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework for flexibility and stability. Educa also supports RTL, SEO optimized and speed optimized. This theme also gives a pro version of advanced features and customization options.

More info / Download

Which Template Impressed You?

These are the best free education website template you can make use of for your education website. Both the HTML and WordPress template in the free version only gives you limited options and features in their template. For more advanced options you have either get a pro version or in the case of WordPress template you have to get a premium plugin for features like Learning Management System. What’s your favorite free education website template? Let us know in the comment section and also share your experience with other free education templates.

Thank you for visiting Colorlib and reading this article! We highly appreciate it! Now you might want to learn how to make a website using our free WordPress themes .

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