Operator Logos Operator Name Widget 2.29 Free Download


*Latest News :  LogoExpress
v3b1 just released:

Nokia LogoExpress freeware: for
Nokia 5110, 5190, 6110, 6190, 8210, 8290, 8810, 8850, 8890

*Small FAQ: (Please do not e-mail me these questions again!!)
(1). If you are using Win95 OSR2, you will encounter installation
error on register ssubmgr.dll, VblaTbar.ocx, and CPopmenu.ocx. 
To fix this probelm,  please install VB5 runtime first or
copy msvbvm50.dll from any win98 computers in window\system
directory to windows\system directory on your computer. (Next
version will fix this problem and do not need VB5 runtime.)
(2). If you encounter error message on OLExxx.dll, please
download and install dcom98.exe on Microsoft site (you can also
find this file on office 2000 CD). 
(3). LogoExpress can not send logo SMS via modemn or internet.
LogoExpress can only send logo SMS with phones connecting to PC
with cable or Ir port.
(4). Currently
LogoExpress doesn’t support 7110. 

Sample Operator Logos (right click to

more Operator Logos (380K zip file)

Sample Startup
Logos (right click to save):

Click Here for more
Startup Logos

(RTTL format): Click to download over 100
ringtones (zip file)


– Upload Startup
logo, Group logo and Operator Logo on Nokia 6190, 5190, and 8290/8890
– Browsing and preview all valid logo files in selected folder.
– Support .nol, .ngg, .nsl, .bmp, and .jpeg logo files.
– Logos is download via Nokia DAU-9P (F-BUS
cable) , and  Nokia Cellular
  Data Suite is NOT needed.
– Direct save logos to phone for 6190 /5190/8290/8890 phones ,
and do not need to send
  via SMS.
– Direct save logos to phone for 5190/6190/8290/8890 phones.
– Operator list can be customize with standard Text file.
– Inbox or outbox can be select when save logo/ring tone in SIM.
– Simple logo editing tools.
– Ring tone support with midi and RTTTL format files reading and
write to RTTTL file format.
– Complete logo and ringtone solution for free.

2. Installation

the archive you downloaded into a temp directory, run setup.exe
and follow the installation instruction then.

How to use

functions can be access both from toolbar and pull-down menu. 
All toolbar buttons have tooltip text.  Bottom-left drive
list and treeview list can be used to browsing folders,  all
valid logo files will be loaded as preview icon into  bottom-right
preview pane.  Click the logo preview icon in preview pane
will load the selected logo for editing or save/sent to phone.

2. All upload logo to phone feature need a DAU-9P (F-BUS
cable) , attach the cable to your phone and your computer com
port.  Before you can upload logo, set the com port you
connect on your computer in Setup -> Properties dialog. 
If you want sent logo via SMS , please set the SMSC  number
first.  If you don’t know your SMSC number,  press
"Read from phone" button or see it on your phone in
Messages->Message setting->Set 1->Message centre number
(1-4-1-1 for 61xx , 2-4-1-1 for 51xx). 

When upload Operator logo you have to select the system operator
you are using. You can simply leave the selection in "Auto
detect" and the program will read your operator MCC,MNC code
from phone. The operator list can also be customized by
choose Operator List file in properties page.  The default
operator list file, operatorlist.txt, provide most system
operators in the world.  You can editing this file and
delete all record not in your country,  this file is tab-delimited

There are 3 method to upload logo to phone. (1) Direct save to
phone. Only applies to 61xx phones.(2)Save logo SMS on SIM and
the use options->forward-> to yourself phone number or sent
to others’ nokia phone to their phone number. This feature may
let you save different Operator logos for different operator and
can change logo without having a computer.  (3) Send logo
via SMS by set SMSC number first and then enter the destination
phone number.  The (2) and (3) method need your SMSC 
support UDHI (User Data Header Indicator) flag when sending logos.


program is my toy, and I want to share this with all of you for
free.   Please feel free to use and distribute this
program.  This program has no warranty, and use it on your
own risk. If you encounter problems when using this program, you
can ask on newsgroup or sent me a mail, but I do not guarantee I
have time to reply.

Jeremy Wu

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