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Speed reading

Power Reading, Comprehension & Memory Techniques

Chatfeild-Clarke Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd

Event outline

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop attendees will:

  1. Be much more effective in the use of your time, through processing and understanding written information faster. (The average person reads at some 150-250 words per minute, and after the program their speed typically doubles and comprehension increases. However, improvements of over 1000 wpm with high comprehension are achieved by a high proportion of attendees.)
  2. Better understand and analyse written material;
  3. Discriminate between important and less important material, and learn how to plan your reading;
  4. Concentrate more effectively;
  5. Improve comprehension and learn techniques to improve memory;
  6. Improve confidence to read faster and comprehend more.

Relevance to the development of public sector employees’ skills

Power Reading = Speed Reading + Higher Comprehension + Greater Recall

Public sector executives, managers, supervisors and staff, who have difficulty coping with reading workloads, will be able to process that information much more efficiently. You will learn to read 2, 3 or even 4 times faster than they normally read, and will have the potential to comprehend more with greater recall, depending on your aim. To read more efficiently and effectively becomes a natural skill with ongoing practice.

Additional Information

As well as Australia, where this program was originally developed over 30 years ago, it is now being run in nine countries around the world. For those thinking of a one day program, we have found that the results mentioned above are not achieved in one-day, as most people reach their Peak Performance on the second day. This is partly due to the subconscious brain working on the lessons learnt whilst asleep.

A senior executive from an oil company calculated that this workshop saved him 8 hours a week! How would you like to save at least 3/4 hours a week on an ongoing basis?


To achieve the results mentioned above we run a carefully designed program which uses many different tools to break down the bad habits of a lifetime! These include eye exercises, at least eleven comprehension exercises for you to monitor your progress, as well as extensive use of a Reading Rate Accelerator.


To Paul Chatfeild-Clarke

Thanks for providing this highly valuable course! I learnt lots of practical and effective techniques to help me improve my reading speed (I went from 300 words per minute to 1000) with high comprehension. I have lots of professional reading to do and your course is helping to reduce the time that this would normally take.

The 2 day program is definitely an investment for the time-challenged! It would be difficult to gain the same benefits from a one day versus two day workshop given the range of “building blocks” that you cover, plus assessments and practice.

I would highly recommend this program – I only wish that I had done it years ago!

Margaret K

The Trainer

Paul Chatfeild-Clarke lives in Perth WA and has been a training and development consultant for 21 years, prior to that he held several managerial positions. He was a local director of an international training organisation for 10 years, and set up his own consultancy in 1995. He has Certifcate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training.

Paul has over 20 years experience designing and running skills based training programs for State and Federal Governments and the Corporate Sector, in the areas of Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills, Report & Business Writing for Government, Power Reading, as well as Leadership and Teambuilding. The workshops are competency based, interactive, experiential, highly practical, personalised, fun and the skills learnt are immediately transferable into the workplace.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

Chatfeild-Clarke Consulting was formed in 1995 by Paul Chatfeild-Clarke. Our most popular courses are Business Writing, Dynamic Presentation Skills & Speed Reading. The workshops are interactive, fun and immediately transferrable into the workplace.



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Brainpower Training

Delivering customised, interactive and engaging inhouse training in productivity and communication, leadership and change, customer service and sales.

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Speed Reading training

CONTACT US for details

Master information overload by reading faster without loss of comprehension, and slice through your reading pile


How many of your people are under pressure to get through mountains of reading that just keeps pouring in? Double your reading speed, guaranteed.

Speed Reading training is a proven tactic for mastering information overload and can be learned in one day. In our one-day Speed Reading workshop we guarantee we’ll double everyone’s reading rate. Many people increase 3 times or more without loss of comprehension, (measured).


 For a custom quote contact us  here.

Click Play to listen to an intro from Brainpower Training Director, Nina Sunday < Part 1 – 1:16 min >

Click Play to listen to an intro from Brainpower Training Director, Nina Sunday < Part 2 -2:26 min >


The Brainpower one-day Speed Reading course is an award-winning program for individuals and teams who want to capture information faster and easier.

You’ll learn practical strategies you can use immediately to slice through your reading pile.

Maximise your productivity, master information overload and boost your knowledge

If you want to get up to speed… this is what you’ll learn in the Brainpower one-day speed reading course:

Program Content

  • How to measure your current reading rate and comprehension
  • Simple techniques to instantly double your reading rate without loss of comprehension and accuracy
  • Four poor reading habits that hold back your reading rate and how to overcome them
  • Fast input eye-brain exercises that boost your reading speed on the spot
  • E-reading, or how to adapt your new-found skills to reading on computer
  • Macroreading ® technique to filter out the non-essential and zoom in on the essential
  • 6 ways to read vertically (for newspapers, magazines)
  • How to model the sightlines and eye paths of natural speed readers
  • How to remain a faster reader for life
  • How to read more in the next 90 days than in the last 9 years!

By understanding and mastering these skills, you can easily double, or better, your reading rate.

 For more information contact us  here.

Does the training include any additional materials?

Yes. All workshop participants receive a reader-friendly, illustrated, colour-printed Workbook to refer to during and after the course.

How does speed reading help?

  • Anyone with tons of reading to get through – managers, executives, students, etc.
  • Anyone studying
  • Anyone pressured to keep up with the rate of change in their industry

Does speed reading really work?

The average person reads between 200 – 300 words per minute. After attending our workshop, everyone at least doubles their reading rate without loss of comprehension or accuracy.

Many people increase by 300 to 400 percent with the same, and often better, understanding and memory. Around 9% of participants increase by 6 to 10 times.

Our stats

Refer to the table and corresponding pie chart below for improvement statistics of 1,320 participants (100% of all results) attending Brainpower Training speed reading workshops during the  period: 2006-2014 (July).

National Average

2 times increase37%
3 times increase33%
4-5 times increase 22%
6-10 times increase8%

with same or improved comprehension and memory, as measured.

These results may seem amazing (and they are) but using the techniques covered in the course you’ll be surprised how easy it is to become a ‘speed reader’ yourself.

But how is it possible to read so much faster and still understand what I’m reading?

Most readers are handicapped by poor reading habits that force them to read at ‘speaking speed’ rather than ‘thinking speed’. These poor habits include:

  • Sub-vocalisation’ – the habit of ‘speaking’ words in your mind as you read
  • ‘Fixation’ – reading just one word at a time with a narrow focus
  • ‘Regression’ – when your eye unconsciously flits back to reread part of a word. Eye movement research reveals the average person regresses as many as 50 – 60 times per page.

The combined effect of these habits compels you to read so slowly that your mind wanders and loses concentration.

Brainpower training teaches you techniques to overcome these poor reading habits. This allows your reading rate to automatically increase by 3 or 4 times with better comprehension, concentration and memory.

Speed Reading training outcomes

On completion of the program participants will know how to:

  • Read 2-10 times faster than beginning speed with improved comprehension and memory
  • Calculate reading rate in any book and self-test comprehension and memory
  • Use strategies to overcome poor reading habits
  • Apply the visual pacer technique to eliminate regression and boost reading rate
  • Expand focus to eliminate fixating on one word at a time
  • Use a range of sightlines – horizontal, diagonal and vertical – similar to those used by natural speed readers
  • Feel comfortable varying reading rates depending on purpose and degree of difficulty of reading material
  • Use Macroreading® to read for overview to gain working knowledge of a document or to search read for target information
  • Swiftly read material formatted into columns – newspapers, magazines – using a vertical sightline
  • Apply rapid reading strategies to onscreen computer reading
  • Improve readability of documents by using best fonts for faster onscreen reading
  • Become familiar with occupational health and safety issues around preserving good vision and preventing eye-strain when computer reading
  • Create the best Control Panel setup for vision preservation
  • Perform fast input eye exercises any time they want to boost reading rate yet again
  • Apply the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle to reading and time management
  • Perform a Comparison Read to compare their original rate of reading with their new reading rate, for an ‘Ah-ha!’ experience

 You should contact us for your custom quote  here.

Hear what participants are saying:

‘The Speed Reading workshop was nothing short of phenomenal and has radically changed the way I will approach my law degree.’

Eddie Robinson, Law student, QUT, May 2012

‘Superb! Brilliant to know a course such as this exists – quick wins.’

Kelly Humphreys, Consultant, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

‘This is the best course I have ever attended. I will recommend it to staff and students.’

Dennis Foletta, Secondary School Teacher and Sports Coach


But is it really worth it? Does speed reading really help?

Using the techniques you learn in the Brainpower course, everyone at least doubles their reading rate easily and immediately. Guaranteed.

If a manager earning $80,000 per annum, spending 12% of their time on-the-job reading (about an hour a day), doubles their reading rate without loss of comprehension, they improve their overall efficiency by 6%. That’s a potential saving of $4,800 per annum. Train 20 employees, it’s $96,000 saved in time efficiency.

Would you agree this is a good ROI (return on investment)?

Compare how long it takes to read a 6,000 word report

ReaderWords per minuteMinutes

Think of all the time you and your team will save once you complete this course!


What do people say about our Speed Reading workshop?

‘Comprehension and speed dramatically improved. Would never have believed it.’

Cath Watson, Project Manager, Griffith University

‘Very helpful. I was most surprised at the outcomes. Can read a great deal faster. Now have ability to read technical papers quickly without losing concentration.’

Ben Misan, Graduate Engineer, SA Water

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Speed Reading – Perth

Saturday, 14 September 2013 from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Bentley Technology Park, Bentley

BPT Logo - JPEG - Use This.jpg

Speed Reading – Perth

Saturday, 14 September 2013 from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Bentley Technology Park, Bentley

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Struggling with too much to read
and not enough time to do it?

Slice through your reading pile and minimise
information overload with this award-winning workshop.





Speed Reading one-day workshop 

This interactive one-day workshop with experienced Brainpower Facilitator, Mark Jones, 
will help you improve your reading rate by up to 10 times with the same or improved comprehension.

A pioneer of Speed Reading and Memory and Learning workshops in Australia, Brainpower Training has over two
decades experience in helping students and busy professionals counteract poor reading habits
so that they can find facts faster, improve levels of concentration and pass exams with confidence.

Read more in 90 days than you have in the past 9 years.

Course Details:

Saturday 14 September, 2013
9.30am – 5pm

Seminar Room 6
Bentley Technology Park,
2 Brodie Hall Drive
Bentley WA

Ticket prices:

Adults: $447
Student / Concession: $397 (Show valid ID at registration)

* Ticket prices include GST
* Paypal, credit card and EFT payment methods accepted

Program Outline:
During this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Proven techniques to instantly double your reading rate without loss of comprehension and accuracy

  • How to overcome 4 poor reading habits that hold back reading rate

  • Fast input eye-brain exercises to boost your reading rate

  • Advanced strategies based on sightlines of natural speed readers

  • Macroreading ® to filter out the non-essential and locate the critical

  • e-Reading – how to adapt your new-found skills to the computer

  • The 80 / 20 rule and how to apply it to your reading pile

  • 5 ways to read newspapers and magazines faster

  • How to remain a faster reader for life

See instant results

We’ve tracked participant improvement statistics over the last 6 years.
Here is the national average:
33% of participants increased by 3 times. (with the same or better understanding.)
22% increased 4 to 5 times.
37% doubled their reading rate.
8% increased 6 to 10 times.

If you’re a busy executive with too much to read or university or high school student, then attending this one-day workshop is a must . . .    

This powerful one-day Speed Reading workshop with Australia’s Speed Reading expert, Nina Sunday, will help you 
double, triple, quadruple or better your reading rate with the same or improved comprehension.

“I completed the speed reading workshop your company ran, and suffice to say, it was brilliant and has changed the way I approach my law degree. It was so amazing.”
Eddie, Law Student, QUT (Queensland University of Technology)

Here’s a personal video message from Nina Sunday.
Click arrow to play.

Speed Reading workshop

If you could improve your reading rate by 3 or 4 times without loss of comprehension,
how would that improve your productivity, your life?

During the one-day workshop, you can expect an instant result.

Experience the success that comes when you take your reading to the next level.


Most people tell us our approach to training is interactive and fun.  
They love the style of the workbook too.  And we don’t use any speed-reading machines at all.
Machine-based courses are boring and gain only mediocre results.

Nina Sunday pioneered Speed Reading and Memory and Learning workshops for over two decades, so you’re in good hands.


The Australian Institute of Training and Development awarded our speed reading course an Innovation in Learning award.

For answers to typical questions, click on ‘FAQ’ tab above.

If you have a question that is not answered there, please send your question to [email protected]

Would you like to understand how it’s possible to improve your reading rate
without loss of comprehension? Read on . . . 

1. Firstly, do you ever find yourself reading and rereading the same paragraph or line over and over?

Or get to the bottom of a page that you’re reading,
look up and think,
‘What’s that all about!’...and have to read it again?

That’s losing concentration.

It’s a common problem with the average reader
because your brain’s thinking in THOUSANDS of words per minute,
but you’re inputting information ONLY IN HUNDREDS of words per minute –
it’s way too slow for your brain, so you lose concentration.

When you speed up your reading using our strategies,
your concentration automatically improves,
you become more deeply engrossed while you’re reading.

So we fix the ‘losing concentration’ problem.

2. Secondly, have you ever noticed you hear the words silently in your head as you’re reading them? You mentally say every word?

Try this exercise . . .

Open up something to read, and read it silently to yourself.
Hear all those words rolling around in your head as you read?
Do you mentally say every word as you are reading?

That’s called sub-vocalisation.

It slows you down to speaking speed, which isn’t very fast is it?

Our strategies shift you from word-based reading to visual reading,
so you read as fast as you can SEE words,
not just as slow as they can SAY words.

So our techniques fix sub-vocalisation as well.

What People Say

Jack, Uni Student, Sydney, 2013

3. Thirdly, have you ever watched someone’s eyes as they’re reading?

You’ll notice their eyes stop and start while they read?
Their eyes jerk or bounce along the line?

That problem is called lack of fluency.

It’s a bit like a learner driver
whose car kangaroo hops down the road;
rather than a skilled driver who drives in one smooth direction.

Lack of fluency slows down your reading rate.

Our strategies immediately fix that as well,
so you read smoothly, with no stopping and starting.

4. Now, another problem with eye movement is Regression.

Most people don’t feel regression,
you can’t see it with the naked eye,
but it can be measured with special eye movement cameras;
(They learn about this in optometry school.)

Regression is where the eye flits back and rereads part of a word –
it’s almost imperceptible,
most people don’t even know they’re doing it.

The average reader regresses – wait for it – around 50 or 60 times per page!
And you don’t consciously notice it, yet it really slows you down.

Our strategies fix regression as well,
you read faster, smoother, more fluently,
your reading rate goes up.

What People Say

Geoff, Australian Mensa, Sydney, 2013

5. Finally . . . how many WORDS do you SEE at one time while you read?

(This is not a trick question.)

Probably only one word at a time? Would that be right – the one you’re reading?

A problem of the average reader
is they see only one, maybe two, words at a time
with a very narrow focus. And that’s called fixation.

Did you know speed-readers can read WHOLE LINES at a time?
That’s around 10 words at a time.

In our one-day workshop, with our fast input, eye-brain exercises,
we train your eyes to see multiple words per fixation,
(instead of just one word).
You’ll make better use of your peripheral vision
so you become a faster reader.

We shift you from reading WORDS to reading IDEAS –
that’s where you save time as well.

So to summarise . . . 

We REMOVE the poor reading habits with techniques,
and your reading rate AUTOMATICALLY goes up.

So, have you now got an inkling
of how it’s possible we improve your reading rate
without loss of comprehension?

We’re like any sports coach who helps a footballer to kick further 
or a swimmer to swim faster. We become your reading coach
and show you ways to better move your eyes across and down the page more efficiently,
so you take in more words at a time and your reading rate massively improves.

“Learning how to speed read was so beneficial, I wish I’d done it in first year instead of final year.”

Sarah, Arts Student, University of Sydney 

Register today.
Afterwards you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.






What organisations schedule Brainpower Speed Reading for their staff?

Organisations like Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Griffith University, PricewaterhouseCoopers, QUT (Qld University of Technology), ANSTO (Australian Nuclear and Scientific Technology Organisation), IBM, Dept of Defence, Ernst & Young, Commonwealth Bank, and a long list of other corporate and government clients chose us to deliver this program to their staff.

So you’re talking to the experts.






Any questions?

Email your question to . . . [email protected]

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