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Articles for Tracking

Articles for tracking generally include wood, leather, plastic, carpet. Schutzhund
regulations specify specific sizes for trialling. These are 10cm (4 inches) long by 2-3cm (¾ inches
to 1¼ inches) wide by 0.5-1cm (3/8 inches to 5/8 inches) thick. You can buy articles specifically made for the sport
at various retailers including Gappay, but you can also make your own from offcuts and samples.

When training young dogs, a material which holds scent well, such as leather, makes
a good starting article, preferably around double the regulation size. If you begin by training the articles off the track with
a clicker, use the opportunity to introduce all sizes and materials but be sure to scent them well.



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IPO Tracking

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IPO Tracking

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IPO Tracking2016-04-12K9 Force Working Dog Club


IPO tracking is a test of the dog’s scent detection ability under a controlled environment. It assesses the dog’s ability to follow the scent in a precise manner and also tests mental and physical endurance. The judge is looking for precision on the track, rather than how fast the track is done.

The tracking phase (depending on the level) consists of the dog tracking the path of a person (300-600 paces) 20-60 minutes old with 2-4 turns and finding and indicating articles (2-3) dropped by the person on the track. The handler is at the end of a 33ft tracking line. Tracking surfaces vary from dirt to grass to mix types of vegetation.


TR titles (tracking) – are awarded to dogs that are only being tested for tracking, not all 3 phases in one trial.

IPO1 and TR1 tracks: laid by the handler with own articles. Track age – 20 minutes. Track length minimum 300 paces, 3 legs, 2 corners, 2 articles

IPO2 and TR2 tracks: laid by a tracklayer, using natural walking pace. Track is age – 30 minutes. Track length minimum 400 paces, 3 legs, 2 corners, 2 articles

IPO 3 and TR3 tracks: laid by a tracklayer, using naturals walking pace. Track age – 1 hour. Track length minimum 600 paces, 5 legs, 4 corners, 3 articles.

FH1- advanced tracking title. Track laid by tracklayer and a cross track is also laid 30 minutes after the finishing of the laying of the track. Track age – 3 hours. Track length minimum 1200 paces, 7 legs, 6 corners, 4 articles

FH2- superior tracking qualification. Track laid by tracklayer. Cross track laid 30 min prior to the start of the track. Track age – 3 hours. Track length minimum 1800 paces. 8 legs, 7 corners, including 30 degree and an arc corners, 7 articles

Before beginning the track, the dog must pass a temperament test to ensure the dog is not aggressive or shy.



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