SOLVED: Olympus vg-120 write protect Learn to Fix Olympus Camera Error Messages

SOLVED: Olympus vg-120 write protect Learn to Fix Olympus Camera Error Messages



Olympus Camera Error Messages

Digital Cameras

Olympus Camera Error Messages

Learn to Troubleshoot Olympus Point and Shoot Cameras

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Olympus TG-860 Camera
Digital Camera Troubleshooting

Digital Cameras

  • Error Messages

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    Kyle Schurman

    A freelance writer who has been writing about digital cameras and the technology behind them since digital cameras first appeared.

    Updated October 21, 2018

    When something goes wrong with your Olympus point and shoot camera, don’t panic. First, make sure everything on the camera is tight, all of the panels and doors are closed, and the battery is charged. Next, look for an error message on the LCD, which is your camera’s way of giving you a clue as to how to fix the problem . The six tips listed here should help you troubleshoot your Olympus camera error messages, as well as fix problems with Olympus camera memory cards.

    Card or Card Cover Error Message

    Any Olympus camera error message that contains the word “card” almost certainly is referring to the Olympus memory card or the memory card slot. If the compartment that seals the battery and memory card area is not completely closed, you’ll receive a “Card Cover” error message. If you believe the problem is with the memory card itself, try using the card with a different device to determine whether it is malfunctioning. If another device can read the card in question, the problem might be with your camera. Try another card in the camera to see whether the camera is malfunctioning.

    Image Cannot Be Edited Error Message

    Olympus point and shoot cameras typically cannot edit images that have been shot on another camera, which may result in this error message. In addition, with some Olympus models, once you’ve edited a particular image, it cannot be edited a second time. Your only remaining editing option is to download the image to a computer and edit it with editing software.

    Memory Full Error Message 

    Although you might be tempted to think this error message deals with the memory card, it usually indicates that your camera’s internal memory area is full. Unless you have a memory card you can use with the camera, you’ll have to remove some images from internal memory to alleviate this error message. (With Olympus camera error messages , memory card errors almost always contain the word “card” in them.)

    No Picture Error Message

    This error message tells you that the Olympus camera has no photos available for viewing, either on the memory card or in internal memory. Are you sure you’ve inserted the correct memory card, or did you insert a blank card? If you know there should be photo files on the memory card or in internal memory — yet you still receive the “No Picture” error message — you might have a malfunctioning memory card or internal memory area. It’s also possible that the memory card you’re using was formatted by a different camera, and the Olympus camera cannot read the card. In this case, you’ll need to format the card again using your Olympus camera, but keep in mind that formatting the card will erase any data stored on it. Download and back up any photos from the card before formatting it.

    Picture Error Message 

    The Picture error simply means your Olympus camera cannot display the photo you’ve selected. It’s possible the photo file has been damaged somehow, or the photo was shot with a different camera. You’ll need to download the photo file to a computer. If you can view it on the computer, the file should be OK to save and use. If you cannot view it on the computer, the file probably has been damaged.

    Write Protect Error Message

    The Write Protect error message usually occurs when the Olympus camera cannot delete or save a particular photo file. If the photo file you’re trying to delete has been designated as “read-only” or “write protected,” it cannot be deleted or edited. You’ll have to remove the “read-only” designation before you can change the photo file. In addition, if your memory card has a “locking” tab activated, the camera cannot write new files to the card or delete old ones until you deactivate the locking tab.

    Just remember that different models of Olympus cameras may provide a different set of error messages than is shown here. If you are seeing Olympus camera error messages that aren’t listed here, check with your Olympus camera user guide for a list of other error messages specific to your model of camera.

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    55 en, Error message, Miscellaneous – Olympus VG-120 User Manual

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    “The camera makes a noise when taking pictures”.

    The camera may activate the lens and make a
    noise even if no operation is performed. This
    is because the camera automatically performs
    actions of auto focus as far as it is ready to shoot.

    Error message

    When one of the messages below is displayed on the

    monitor, check the corrective action.

    Error message

    Corrective action

    Card Error

    Card problem
    Insert a new card.

    Write Protect

    Card problem
    The card write-protect switch is
    set to the “LOCK” side. Release
    the switch.

    Memory Full

    Internal memory problem

    Insert a card.
    Erase unwanted images.


    Card Full

    Card problem

    Replace the card.
    Erase unwanted images.


    Card Setup




    Power Off

    Power Off

    Card problem

    FG to select [Format], and

    press the

    Q button. Next, use

    FG to select [Yes], and press the

    Q button.


    Memory Setup


    Memory Format


    Power Off

    Power Off

    Internal memory problem

    FG to select [Memory

    Format], and press the

    Q button.

    Next, use

    FG to select [Yes], and

    press the

    Q button.


    Error message

    Corrective action

    No Picture

    Internal memory/Card problem
    Take pictures before viewing them.

    Picture Error

    Problem with selected image
    Use photo retouch software, etc.
    to view the image on a computer.
    If the image still cannot be viewed,
    the image fi le is corrupted.

    The Image Cannot

    Be Edited

    Problem with selected image
    Use photo retouch software, etc. to
    edit the image on a computer.

    Battery Empty

    Battery problem
    Charge the battery.

    No Connection

    Connection problem
    Connect the camera and computer
    or printer correctly.

    No Paper

    Printer problem
    Load paper into the printer.

    No Ink

    Printer problem
    Refi ll the ink in the printer.


    Printer problem
    Remove the jammed paper.




    Printer problem
    Return to the status where the
    printer can be used.

    Print Error

    Printer problem
    Turn off the camera and printer,
    check the printer for any problems,
    and then turn the power on again.



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