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Auburn University

Department of Political Science

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Department of Political Science
  • Master of Community Planning
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  • Ph.D. in Public Administration and Public Policy
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Ph.D. in Public Administration and Public Policy

The joint doctoral program in Public Administration and Public Policy is a collaboration of Auburn University and Auburn University at Montgomery (the two campuses are just 50 miles apart). Auburn University, located in a fast developing college town, is the land-grant academic institution of Alabama.  Auburn University at Montgomery is located in the Montgomery area, which serves as the capital city of the state of Alabama. Together, Auburn University and Auburn University at Montgomery serve the state of Alabama and neighboring areas in the Southeast.

In times demanding change, the Auburn University/Auburn University at Montgomery doctoral program prepares students to become a vital part of both academia and government. The faculty at both campuses share their knowledge and expertise transforming students into confident scholars, researchers, and policy leaders.

The program requires forty-nine credit hours: thirteen courses (thirty-nine credit hours) and ten dissertation hours. Courses for the doctoral degree are offered on both campuses. Students must take one-third of the credit hours required for the program at each campus and faculty members from each campus are required to serve on a student’s dissertation committee.

The information on this website covers a wide range of topics for prospective and current students, and we hope you can find the information you need. The PhD Program Handbook  is a comprehensive and detailed source of information about our program. For additional information related to the Doctoral program (e.g. specific courses, individualized questions, or plans of study, etc) feel free to contact program director, Dr. Kelly Krawczyk at (334) 844-6460, or email her. For information regarding admissions or administrative matters (e.g. application materials and status, class registration) please contact Ms. Janine Barnes at (334) 844-5327 or email her.

Mitchell BrownPh.D. Program Director
Kelly Krawczyk
Associate Professor and Ph.D. Program Director
Department of Political Science
Haley Center 8030E
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
(334) 844-6460

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Last Updated: August 22, 2018